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Hopefully you will find the information contained in this site valuable and helpful. Our goal is to help you understand the value that we can add to your agri-business. Whether you are a relatively small customer or a large multi-national organization, Convey-All can help you improve your bottom line with an extensive line of products related to the movement of your specialty and cereal crops. As our customer's needs have changed and grown, so has the ability for Convey-All to adjust to those needs. Our roots are based in providing customized applications to fit your operational ideals.

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Customer Testimonials

We run two John Deere 1910 air carts. We've cut our fill time from 35 minutes to 12 minutes and basically eliminated one truck.

Derek, Fahler, AB

We seed with three air seeders. The Convey-All CST-C tender services all three air seeders which eliminated two trucks and drivers. Fill time is less than 15 minutes.

Jake, Portage La Prairie, MB

With the five compartments we service our air seeder and floater at the same time. Our fill time is a third of what it was and now we do it all with one truck.

Paul, Miami, MB

We run two 80' Seed Hawk drills with 600 bu. tanks.Using the semi with an 8" auger our fill time was 45 minutes. We now fill in less than 15 minutes. On our farm that's an extra 100 acres per day seeded. We also eliminated one truck.

Elmer, Biggar, SK

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