Agriculture Tradeshow Batch

Seed Tenders

BTS Series

Our bean tenders are designed to efficiently move grain, pulse crops, fertilizer, or any granular material. The tender can be purchased with it's own trailer, or it can be attached to any flatbed truck or trailer for convenient transportation.

Fill any planter (even centre fill models) fast and effortlessly. The unloading conveyor can be swung from front to back, down the driver side.


  • Seed and Fertilizer
  • Load planters

ModelCapacity [Units]Capacity [Bushels]Capacity [cu. ft.]Tube Dia.Belt WidthConveyor LengthDischarge HeightDischarge Rate [lbs/min]Transport LengthTransport HeightWeight [lbs]Hydr.
BTS 115115921158"10"18'8'3"150022'2"10'10"1,600
BTS 29502952372958"10"21'10'6"1,50024' 7"10' 0"3,000
BTS 4104103304108"10"18'10' 6"1,50026' 1"12' 2"3,300
BTS 55055044255010"16"21'8' 1" - 11' 2"3,50031' 7"9'10'6,690
*Dimensions Without Trailer*