Agriculture Tradeshow Batch

Commercial Seed Tenders

CST-C Series

Use the CST year round for transporting seed in spring, receive grain from a combine in autumn, and to haul product to storage or to market any time.


  • Seed and Fertilizer
  • Loading Air Seeders

ModelCapacity[cu.ft.]Capacity[Bushel]No. of CompartmentsDischarge HeightTransport LengthTransport WidthTransport HeightConveyor LengthConveyor SwingOptional ScalesTrailer
CST-20-C710571316'9"'@30 Deg30'6"8'5"13'5'30'3"22'10"
CST-26-C915735416'9"@30 Deg36'6"8'5"13'6"30'3"22'10"
CST-32-C1200965416'9"@30 Deg42'6"8'5"13'5"30'3"22'10"
CST-40-C15001200516'9"@30 Deg50'6"8'5"13'5"30'3"22'10"