Agriculture Tradeshow Batch

Seed Tenders


The PT-100 Tender part of the PT-Series holds two pro boxes. The 21' long conveyor will load your planter quickly and effortlessly putting out a capacity of 1500 LBS/MIN.


  • Seed and Fertilizer
  • Load Planters

ModelCapacity [Units]Capacity [Bushels]Capacity [cu. ft.]Tube Dia.Belt WidthConveyor LengthDischarge Height w/o TrailerDischarge Height w/TrailerDischarge Rate [lbs/min]Transport LengthTransport Height w/o TrailerTransport Height w/TrailerWeight lbsHydr.
PT-10050/10040/8050/1008"10"18'8'11"10'11"1,50022' 9"10'7"12'7"1,500