Our Team

At Convey-All Industries, every employee is important and vital to our success.

What we produce and deliver is a combination directly or indirectly involving everyone in the company.

Bob Toews Founder/President/CEO

Bob Toews founded the company in 1983, starting off as a small, custom welding business. After over three decades of continued growth, Bob remains at the helm of this ever-growing company.

Phone: (204) 325-4195

Carl Toews VP of Operations

Carl joined the company in 1998 after years of working in the ??? industry. Carl became head of purchasing and in 2012 took over as VP of Operations, while staying actively involved with the purchasing department.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 234 Email: carlt@convey-all.com

Management Team

John Blatz Financial Controller

John joined Convey-All in ???? with ?? years of accounting experience and background. He currently oversees all financial aspects of Convey-All as well as its subsidiary(?) companies.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 224 Email: johnb@convey-all.com

Steven Froese, C.I.M. Business Development

Steven joined the company in 2013 and brought with him years of experience in the industry. Steven works at developing new ways to promote and market Convey-All and its products.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 241 Email: stevenf@convey-all.com Mobile: (204) 332-0539

Gloria Lee Human Resource

Gloria has been with the company since 19??. Starting off in Administration, Gloria has since taken on the responsibilities of the Human Resource Department, including Health & Safety and Payroll.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 223 Email: glorial@convey-all.com

Ed Wiebe Drafting & Design

After completing the C.E.T. course at Red River College, Ed joined Convey-All in 19??. As head of the Drafting Department, Ed oversees all design aspects of the company's growing range of products.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Email: edw@convey-all.com

Sales Team - Ag Division

Ron Neustaeter Director of Ag Sales

Ron joined the company in 2003? with an extensive background in the ag industry. Between attending trade shows and setting up dealer networks, Ron manages all aspects of the Sales Department.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 236 Email: ronn@convey-all.com Mobile: (204) 325-6012

Roman Friesen Commercial Ag Sales

Roman joined the Sales team in 2010. From conveyor and tender sales to Commercial Sales, Roman now specializes in seed sites and seed-treating systems.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 256 Email: rfriesen@convey-all.com Mobile: (204) 332-1964

Ray Wolfe Ag Sales

After years of working in the ?? industry, Ray joined Convey-All in 2014. Ray specializes in conveyor and seed tender sales.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 239 Email: rayw@convey-all.com Mobile: (204) 362-3398

Parts & Service

Jim Reimer Parts & Service Manager

Jim joined the company in 2007, bringing with him nearly 15 years of experience in the Parts & Service department. Jim is well-versed in both the Ag and Oil & Gas product lines.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 258 Email: jimr@convey-all.com Mobile: (204) 362-8730

Cory Worms Sales & Product Support

Cory started with the company in 200? working in production and then as a plant supervisor. With the knowledge gained from this experience, Cory now specializes in providing Product Support.

Phone: (204) 325-4195 Ext. 233 Email: coryw@convey-all.com

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